What is a High Wideband headset (HW) and Should I Buy It?

What is HW or High Wideband?
High wide bandwith technology is a new headset system specifically designed for newer or VoIP phones by Plantronics. Sound on these systems has a frequency range different from analog or older phone systems. The previous H series headsets were not designed for the wider frequency range but will still work.
The High Wideband Range Advantage
High Wideband operates between 150Hz and 6800Hz whereas the previous Narrowband from 300Hz to 3400Hz. As you can see by the ranges covered, HW headset cover the lower decibel and higher decibel ranges better. This may also aid those harder of hearing.
Should I Buy High Wideband?
HW headsets (High Wideband) provide the advantage of better sound and should be deployed over the standard H series where possible. Price wise they are similar. If you are not sure what system you have, you can order the HW headset which will cover the best possible range. Or, you can buy the HW series in advance of a possible upgrade of your phone system.
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